This  (MoU), with all its terms and conditions,  is agreed upon  between PaintingLane Art Galleria LLP, a company incorporated and existing under the provisions of Companies 

Act of 1956 having its registered office at Flat 203A Shiv Sankalp Plot -20 Sector 36 Kamothe Navi  Mumbai (hereinafter referred to as “PaintingLane” of the ONE PART;

AND “ The Artist".

For the sake of brevity, the CLIENT and the COMPANY are individually referred to as “Party” and collectively as the “Parties”. 

PaintingLane is an online portal, which provides a platform for all the budding and passionate artists to come on-board as associates to exhibit their paintings that would be marketed and sold by PaintingLane. 

Following are the crucial aspects of this MoU.

1. Artist shall share snapshot of his paintings, which has a proper background, are clear and spotless. It is must to use minimum 8 Megapixel Camera for taking the snaps of their art. The more the resolution of the camera, the better artwork can be displayed on the portal.The camera shots must be taken straight and not tilted horizontally or vertically. If desired, artist may also utilize professional services to photo shoot of his paintings, at its own cost. 

2. “PaintingLane” shall communicate with artist, through registered email ID/ Mobile/Landline Numbers only. Registration to be done on the portal by artist.   

3. Once the paintings with all their required details are submitted, PaintingLane would take a week’s time to display them on the portal, selectively or otherwise.

4. Artist shall be liable to ensure that any artwork that it submitted to be displayed on PaintingLane, must be ready in all respect at artist place/registered address. However, in case if artist wishes to sell the same painting through other channels, it is obligatory responsibility of the artist to formally communicate with PaintingLane to remove same art from its portal.  Only upon confirmation from 

PaintingLane, artist can directly sell his art work, if he/she wants. 

Any artist who doesn’t comply with above requirement, shall be barred from the portal without any further intimation as non -compliance to this clause will hamper PaintingLane’s reputation and cause customer dissatisfaction. 

5. PaintingLane shall undertake the packing part of the framed paintings that get sold through its portal. When an order is placed by customer on PaintingLane, Artist shall keep his art ready so that the packing person can visit the artist’s place for packing. Upon intimation from PaintingLane, artist shall make himself/herself available for packing and pickup of the painting by packing and logistics providers. (Same or different providers).Artist should take a snap of painting with packing person to ensure that correct piece of art is being packed/shipped.

6. Artists must note that, use of only acrylic glass cover is permissible, as normal brittle glass has high probability of damage during transit. No framed painting/glass painting with brittle glass is allowed to be posted on PaintingLane portal.

7. For the unframed paintings-rolled canvas, paper etc., artist shall arrange the required size of shipping tube (hard cardboard or hard PVC), strong enough to withstand the transit conditions. Rolled canvas/paper, with a protective glassine sheet put on both the sides of artwork, rolled Public safely and put into the tube and both the ends of it to be sealed with cover. Also, two/three layer of bubble wrap needs to be put over the sealed shipping tube. Any extra gap inside the tube also to be stuffed with air bubble sheet.

8. Artist should oversee that the packing is correctly done by the packing person so that any damage to the art is averted while it is shipped to customer location.  Artist shall take the snap of packed artwork and share with PaintingLane through WhatsApp.

9. After the packing is done, PaintingLane shall schedule pick of the package with its logistics partner. Artist has to make himself/herself available at the time conveyed by logistics person. 

10. Artist may have copyright of their paintings to preserve the authenticity and avoid misuse of their creativity. 

11. Artist Compensation: Artist would decide the remuneration (herein called “Artist Price” for any painting work) for their artwork that they want, as per their experience in the market. While deciding his/her remuneration, an artist would take into consideration following additional cost/commissions/taxes.

a. PaintingLane would add 30% as its mark up on the base price suggested by artist.

b. For varying size and paintings, Rs 750- Rs 1000 would be added as cost towards packing 

c. Taxes, if any, would be extra on sum of the above costs. 

d. Above costs would add up to make Final price of painting.

12.  Artist shall upload correct details of the bank account to ensure correct transaction through PaintingLane. 

13. After an order is booked by any customer through PaintingLane, artist remuneration (Artist Price for an artwork) would be credited into artist account within 15 working days or after product is delivered to customer, whichever is earlier.and handling(for all type of  framed paintings measuring below 4X4 feet)

Responsibility of Artist Before/During Packing.

1. Artist to wrap the artwork with glassine paper (for paintings other than having acrylic glass cover). 

2. Paintings having acrylic glass cover can be wrapped in brown paper sheet. However, artist tapes must be put across the diagonals and along the height of framed to make a star pattern. This would protect the glass cover and even if it breaks the art work would be safe. 

3. Artist shall put the cardboard edge protectors along the corner of their framed paintings.(The artist tape, edge protectors and bubble wrap bundles are easily available in market/online retails etc.)

4. In general, artist would ensure that packing done by PaintingLane service provider is a proper packing. In 

case of any issue, artist shall raise the issue with PaintingLane, which shall take appropriate action with service provider.